Gil Rosso

Gil Rosso

Gil Rosso - Big Mama Kayak

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A red kayak in 1 place, seat, paddle aluminum, 1 locker to watertight closing, 3 handles, rear wheel. Maximum load 125Kg. Dimensions 266 x 66 cm.

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Big Mama Gil is the new single-seater kayak entry level of the range.
This version is red.


  • The 266 cm length and the load capacity of 125 kg, make it practical, lightweight and easily transportable by anyone
  • The V shaped keel which cuts the water and the grooved bottom ensure stability during navigation
  • The rear wheel incorporated in the hull allows the transport without efforts during the movements
  • Two loading compartments: one forward and one aft with elastic with emptying stopper and nylon mesh
  • Seat resealable fixed and adjustable rear and prearranged for the installation of a central swivel portacanne
  • Locker central pond with hinged opening
  • Print to 'breath' for greater rigidity and stability compared to the kayak of the same size, it is virtually impossible that damage the hull during the navigation
  • The hull shape allows to stack the kayak, so it is perfect for both the family and for the bathing establishments


  • folding seat
  • locker pond
  • Temporary rear
  • 2 Side handles
  • 1 Handle bow
  • Paddle 220 cm
  • Drain plug condenza aft
  • Provision for central swivel rod holders
  • Elastic alloy bow loads
  • Network nylon aft
  • Dimensions: 266 x 66 x 25 cm
  • Weight: 18 kg
  • Load capacity: 125 kg
  • Red