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Deambulatori Pieghevole  Con 4 Ruote - Freno Azionabile A Mano

Deambulatore Pieghevole con 4 Ruote e Freno a mano - RP742

Deambulatore Pieghevole con 4 Ruote e Freno a mano - RP742 - Moretti

Foldable walker, built in anodized aluminum. Equipped with padded knobs and four swivel 2 front wheels, and 2 fixed rear wheels with hand operated brake. Comfortable, light and versatile.

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Foldable, comfortable, light and versatile walker with braking system

The RP742 elderly walker of the Moretti line is suitable to be handled with two arms and with the aim of helping and sustaining the gait of people with mobility difficulties. It helps to discharge on the arms part of the weight of the person, in order to limit the load on the lower limbs.

The structure of this walker is made of anodized aluminum with a 22 mm diameter tube, a material that stands out for being particularly light and at the same time resistant.

The handling is the main feature of this walker, which has a total weight of only 2.5 kg . The trolley for the elderly is particularly suitable for daily use, not only for its lightness, but also for its practicality, conferred by the completely collapsible frame by releasing two levers, which makes the aid suitable to be stored and loaded into a small space.

The walker is equipped with 4 wheels, the front ones are pirouetting and the rear ones are fixed, equipped with a parking brake. The braking system, operated by levers placed on the handle, guarantees greater safety to the gait.

The rollator (or walker) with wheels is also adjustable in height, from 80 cm to 98 cm. The adjustment takes place through holes placed at a distance of 2.5 cm from each other in the frame of the walker. To adjust the height of the walker, simply press the spring-loaded button and slide the barrel to match the holes according to the desired height and the patient's subjective maneuverability.


  • Adjustable height: from 80 cm to 98 cm
  • Trapezoidal base dimensions: 57 cm x 50 cm x 67 cm
  • Maximum capacity: 130 kg
  • Weight: 2.5 kg