Sense Laser

Sense Laser

Sense Laser - D Light


Absolute innovation: first and only device for laser hair removal at 5Hz. Professional results for permanent hair removal in your home even for darker skin. 10 million pulses, 2 modes (pulse or scroll), inclined head, wireless.

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Clinically proven professional results

Absolute innovation: Sense Laser by D-Light is the first and only device for laser hair removal at 5Hz (5 pulses per second)

It works without wires and the head is inclined at 45 ° to easily treat even the most difficult points.

Sense Laser is equipped with laser diodes with a wavelength of 810 nm to selectively target a specific chromophore: melanin.

Thanks to this feature, penetration occurs more deeply and energy is directed directly to the target and is not absorbed by the other chromophores in the path of the ray.
The focused and focused beam on a specific target will not cause damage to the surrounding tissue if used correctly.

By using the laser epilator in HRR mode, laser hair removal can also be performed safely and effectively for people with darker skin.


The laser diode has an infinite duration and is able to deliver 10 million guaranteed pulses and the results are assured thanks to a selectable power up to 16 / Jcm².

D-Light Sense Laser penetrates deeper than IPL technologies and is completely safe because the laser light focuses only on the follicle without damaging the surrounding tissues: it guarantees the same efficacy and the same speed of a professional treatment.


Choose between 2 modes:

  1. Pulse: HRR mode (5 pulses per second)
  2. Scrolling: LRR mode (single pulse).

Sense Laser by D Light can operate at very high speed and with extreme effectiveness and precision.


  1. Phase 1: preparation phase where shafts are shaved and Sense Laser is placed on the area to be treated.
  2. Step 2: During the treatment, automatically and in a fraction of a second, Sense Laser will deliver a laser light that will react with the target melanin, heating the hair follicle and deactivating the matrix responsible for hair growth.
  3. Step 3: After treatment the heat has completely weakened or destroyed the hair follicle. Hairs that grow back are thinner, lighter and thinner each time.
  4. Step 4: In the following months, after the required number of treatments, the hair follicle is not able to produce the hair with excellent long-term results.


Unlike pulsed light, the Monochromatic Laser has a lower dispersion with more penetration , ie the light emitted by a laser has only one wavelength (color) and 100% of the emitted light is useful to obtain the epilation effect effectively striking the melanin contained in the bulb and keeping the surrounding tissues intact, with safe and effective results.

Pulsed light, on the other hand, has a greater dispersion of light with less penetration since, being polychromatic, only a small percentage of the different colors present is effective in treating hair reduction.

The IPL light also has a conical shape with unwanted flashes outside the emission window, which leads to a greater dispersion of light energy and a lower efficiency compared to laser hair removal systems that focus their energy only where needed.

What to expect when using Sense Laser?

Since Sense Laser emits a coherent ray of light, the luminous flash during use will be almost imperceptible and you will only see a red shadow around the entire square of the treatment window, for this reason it will not be necessary to wear protective glasses; the flash does not damage the eyes if the treatment window is applied in contact with the skin in the recommended treatment areas. Never look directly at the flash. The noise of the cooling fan is lower than that of a hair dryer.


Sense Laser by D Light is very convenient compared with the cost of laser hair removal sessions performed at a specialized center, and thanks to the high luminous flux of 16J / cm² and the repetition rate of 5 Flash per second, it guarantees the same effectiveness and the same speed of a professional treatment.

The laser diode is guaranteed for 10 million pulses, so the diode life can be considered practically infinite.
The battery is fully charged in 2 hours and 30 minutes and using it at maximum power it has a range of about 30 minutes which are more than enough to treat both legs in a single session.

The life of the battery lasts about 1000 charges, which corresponds to about 500 hours of work.


  • Patented Technology: Laser Diode
  • Light Fluence: 16J / cm²
  • Laser wavelength: 810 nm consistent
  • Repetition frequency: 5Hz (5 pulses per second)
  • Operating mode: HRR (several passes) - LRR (single pass)
  • 5 selectable energy levels
  • Spot area dimensions: 10x10 mm
  • Power supply: High performance battery
  • Dual Voltage charging station: 100-240 v


  • Laser Sense Apparatus
  • Charging station
  • 110-220 Volt multi-voltage power supply
  • User's manual IT / EN / DE
  • Power regulation table based on the phototype to be treated